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Clovis Crawfish and His Friends
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Clovis Crawfish and His Friends


Clovis Crawfish and His Friends by Mary Alice Fontenot -- Clovis Crawfish takes young readers on a journey through the bayou, his first of many adventures. Curious, Clovis begins searching for the reason his bayou is named “Tail of the Frog” and encounters many friends along the way, including Gaston Grasshopper, Lizette Lizard, and Fernand Frog. But friends are not the only creatures Clovis meets on his adventure, for the bayou is also home to many predators. When Clovis meets the hungry M'sieu Blue Jay, he needs to act fast if he wants to save everyone. Risking his own life for his loved ones, Clovis teaches the values of friendship. Hardcover. -From Pelican Publishing. 32 pp.


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