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Chef Creole Book
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Chef Creole Book


Award-winning singer and songwriter Johnette Downing teams up with Deborah OusleyKadair for another perfect storybook, which celebrates life in Louisiana and introduces young readers to the spice of Southern culture and food.
To the tune of the traditional song “Aiken Drum,” Downing puts together the quintessential Cajun ingredients to make the ultimate Creole man. With legs made of French bread and hair made of rice, Chef Creole comprises all of the South’s most favorite foods and teaches children about the many flavors of Louisiana.
Chef Creole includes a glossary of Louisiana fare, including boudin, cayenne pepper, and beignets. Kadair’s collage-style illustrations make it easy for children to interact with the book and point out the foods that help build Chef Creole himself.
32 pp. 8½ x 11


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