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Mardi gras Postcard Floats
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Mardi gras Postcard Floats


The glimmering processions of the masked gods and bearded kings of New Orleans Carnival occupy a central position among the rites and glories of this great festival. The long succession of these glowing, torch-lit pageants--with their towering monsters and fantastic decors, their papier-mâché kingdoms and diamond-dust thrones--became the greatest and most beloved of New Orleans communal rituals.
The fantastic parade floats of Carnival's Golden Age (1870-1930) illustrated themes drawn from mythology, epic literature, history, nature, and whimsy. Presented in this collection are thirty dazzling examples of original float designs as rendered in watercolor and lithographs--most of them reproduced here for the first time.
By Henri Schindler
6 x 4 - 30 color postcards


Item # 000984