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Cajun Night After Christmas
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Cajun Night After Christmas


Inspired by the spicy humor of Cajun Night Before Christmas, Cajun Night After Christmas is the story of St. Nick, an alligator named Pierre, and the Boudreau family once the holiday is over.
Boudreau's children are hollering as they play with their new toys, his wife has spent all the money, and he needs to get away. As he drifts down the bayou on a moonlit night, Boudreau rescues Pierre, and brings him back to the house as a pet.
The children put aside their new toys to play with the gator, who is by then wondering whether he should make an escape. Before he even has a chance to think twice, a cute girl alligator makes eyes at him. They fall in love over a bowl of good gumbo, and Pierre retires from his job to raise a family. St. Nick visits the family every year, to bring gifts for the children and have some good cheer!
32 pp. 8½ x 11


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