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Gaston Drills an Offshore Oil Well
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Gaston Drills an Offshore Oil Well


The intrepid Gaston, a green-nosed alligator and one of the most celebrated characters in modern children’s literature, embarks on a brand-new adventure into the Gulf of Mexico. After receiving a tip from a friendly crab, Gaston decides to invest his savings in an offshore oil well.
Having surveyed several types of oil rigs, Gaston decides to contruct one of his very own. With the help of crew members, Gaston works hard to build his drilling rig, even continuing through a storm. Finally he strikes oil and can return to Louisiana as the state’s richest alligator.
As in Gaston’s previous adventures, the locale, terminology, and techniqes are authentic. Gaston Drills an Offshore Oil Well gives young people a basic introduction to the problems and procedures involved in producing America’s oil. A glossary provides clear definitions of the new vocabulary such as “hotshot” and “monkey tower.” Peppered with humor and seasoned with Rice’s colorful artwork, this is a delightful volume for young and old and a must-have addition for anyone collecting Rice’s books.
40 pp. 8½ x 11


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