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Down in Louisiana
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Down in Louisiana


This rhyming picture book offers children a tour of the Louisiana bayous, marshes, and wetlands and the creatures that inhabit them. Based on a traditional song adapted by the award-winning Louisiana singer/songwriter Johnette Downing, the book invites children to count the families of pelicans, armadillos, black bears, alligators, Catahoulas, nutria, possums, crawfish, and mosquitoes. Each animal named is first introduced by the environment in which they live--the wetlands are home to the barking Catahoula, the live oak haven houses the sleepy possums, the mosquitoes buzz in the swamp, and the armadillos dig in the bayou.
Deborah Kadair’s signature collage illustrations highlight the animals and their surroundings with clear, simple images that kids and parents can re-create at home with construction paper and a bit of imagination.
32 pp. 8½ x 11


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